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About us

【Mission Statement】
“Our goal is to contribute and create mutual benefits to our community with a passion based on the global vision toward the next generation.”
Based on the above mission, our values underpin the way in which we operate as individuals and teams. kc+ aims at (a) creating a vibrant Japanese economy, (b) promoting true globalization, and (c) achieving a desired goal working with our clients very closely.
kc+ is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry including energy & natural resources, food & beverages, manufacturing, finance & information technology, and service.
kc+ especially focuses in international business development i.e. assisting our domestic clients in developing international businesses and assisting foreign clients in entering into the Japanese market.
Our service not only includes consulting & advisory service, but also includes providing export & import trading services.
Furthermore, we will assist in marketing, operational efficiency support, performance management, business monitoring, and providing interim management support.
Our hands-on approach allows us to appreciate the different needs and perspectives of stakeholders and we strive to implement a consensual approach wherever possible.
【Service lines】
kc+ can offer an integrated range of services to assist clients in analyzing, developing, restructuring & turning around businesses both domestically and in cross border situations. In August 2012, “Order for Enforcement of the Act for acilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” was effected by the Japanese government namely, The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. This order was developed and implemented in order to facilitate the restructuring and revitalization activities in Japan. We are delighted to announce that our Chief Restructuring and Revitalization Division Officer has been certified as the “Persons Engaged in Business Innovation Support Services prescribed in Article 17, Paragraph (1) of the Act for Facilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” as of 19 December 2014. We will continue to strengthen our restructuring and revitalization business division.
【Basic information】
≪Corporate name≫ KC Plus Company Ltd. 
≪Address≫ Level 12 Ark Mori Building 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-6012
≪Phone≫ +81-3-4360-9345
≪Facsimile≫ +81-3-4360-8201
≪Email≫ info@kc-plus.com
≪Map≫ google map
【China office】
≪Address≫ No.8, Lane 433, Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, 200040,China
≪Phone≫ +86-21-62411282
≪Facsimile≫ +86-21-62411368
【PT Tohoku Oye KC Indonesia (Affiliate)】
≪Address≫ Sentral Senayan 2, 16th Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat 10270, Indonesia
≪Phone≫ +62-21-300-50-622
≪Facsimile≫ +62-21-300-50-605

Our Area of Business

【Energy & Natural Resources】
【Food & Beverage】
【Finance & Information Technology】
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Service lines

Cross border, funding support, implementation, post administrative support services
【Business development】
Overseas business development (production & sales), marketing, business strategy
【Import & export trading affairs】
Support service, business agent
【Due diligence / performance analysis】
Corporate analysis, valuation, financial, accounting & tax, and working capital optimization.
【Revitalization of local economy】
Developing tourism, marketing local merchandises
(kc+ is a certified liquor seller)

business results

Share Acquisition
A Japanese trading house has acquired shares of a company which is one of Asia’s largest publicly owned energy companies.
kc+ has assisted with this acquisition and the strategic alliance as buy-side financial advisor from the initial stage of the project to the last negotiation and the implementation of the agreement.
kc+ currently provides cross border administrative services in relation to this acquisition.
Asset Acquisition
A Japanese trading house acquired 20% working interest in a natural gas field in Indonesia.
kc+ has assisted with the acquisition of the working interest as an advisor to the Japanese trading house from the initial stage of the project to the last negotiation and the implementation of the agreement.
LNG Project
A Japanese trading house has announced that the final investment decision on a LNG project in Indonesia has been reached which the project is for the construction and operation of a natural gas liquefaction facility.
kc+ has assisted the Japanese trading house for various issues in relation to the final investment decision and is continuing to provide service for the scheduled start up of the project.
Asset Sales
A Japanese trading house divested part of its working interest in the natural gas field in Indonesia.
kc+ has assisted with the divestment of the working interest as a sell-side financial advisor from the initial stage of the project to the last negotiation and the implementation of the agreement.
Stainless Steel Manufacturer
Right after the huge earthquake and the tsunami disaster in 11 March 2011, as a symbol for the revitalization of the region, SME which has more than 70 years experience in manufacturing stainless steel products in Miyagi prefecture, decided to expand into the Indonesia market.
With the support of the main bank, kc+ has supported in details for establishing a sales company in Indonesia.
kc+ not only acted as the advisor, but also fully supported in trading affairs and marketing in Indonesia by entering into an affiliation agreement with two Indonesia entities.
Grease Manufacturer
A Japanese major grease manufacturer who is a subsidiary of one of the largest energy company in Japan has decided to expand its business into Indonesia by establishing a sales company in 2013.
kc+ has not only supported the establishment process of the sales company, but also provided service in regards to developing the overall business strategy, valuation, and cross border accounting services.
kc+ continues to provide various cross border administrative support services and especially will heavily support on the Transfer Pricing Taxation.
Renewable Energy (hydroelectric power)
The Japanese government has implemented the Feed-in Tariff Law (“FIT”) to expand the power generation made available from renewable energy which includes solar, wind power, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectric power generation.
kc+ is currently developing the business model in regards to the hydroelectric power by working closely with the regional areas of Japan.
We believe that the development of the hydroelectric power renewable energy is beneficial to the Japanese economy.
Information Technology Company
kc+ has provided various support services in relation to the reconstruction & liquidating services including but not limited to providing direct support to the CEO for one of the biggest information technology venture company in Japan.
Regional revitalization
As kc+ is a certified liquor seller, we are currently supporting one of the most famous Japanese sake from Akita prefecture being exported into Singapore. kc+ not only matched the customer in Singapore with the sake manufacturer, but also is acting as the business agent.
Our aim is to market the local merchandises overseas to boost up & revitalize the regional areas of Japan.
Working capital optimization for precious metal manufacturer
kc+ commenced the working capital optimization project for a Japanese subsidiary which was acquired by a precious metal manufacturer and distributer which its headquarter is located in Switzerland in two phases.
The first phase involved understanding the working capital funding requirement of the Japanese subsidiary by interviewing the management and collecting the data of customers, suppliers, and inventory.
The second phase was developing an optimization and the actual action plan and issuing a report to the client in Switzerland.
Warehouse company expanding its business in Indonesia
A Japanese warehouse company who has the business philosophy of creating value from space has decided to enter into the Indonesia market by opening a café in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The business strategy for the warehouse company is understanding the Indonesia business culture especially in regards to “space” by opening this café.
kc+ has supported the warehouse company for choosing its partner in Indonesia and is currently providing the required services for establishing the café.
Japanese chain store buffet restaurant entering into the Indonesia market
A Japanese chain store buffet restaurant whose headquarter is located in Tohoku region has decided to enter into the Indonesia market.
kc+ is providing support in relation to finding an appropriate partner who would be able to commence the operation in Indonesia with the Japanese standards.
After the partnership agreement is entered into between the parties, the next phase shall be creating a chain store in Indonesia.


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